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Ello (:

2012-06-14 01:20:09 by Nicnak044

Basically I'm new here. Um, so here's a little about myself (:

~My name is Niki, I'm a 17 year old gal from Canada
~I'll be working hard towards my BA in Animation this fall at Sheridan College
~I love drawing, there isn't a time where you don't see me with my sketchbook xD
~My absolute favorite band is Coldplay <3 My personal fav song from them is 'Fix You' and I plan on getting some of the lyrics tattooed on myself (:
~Besides drawing, I read, write, play the guitar, and sing
~I'm pretty friendly, so don't be afraid to stop by and chat ^_^

That's all (:


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2012-06-14 04:52:39

Welcome to NG Niki! Have you spent much time here before joining? I do hope you can find the things you need here to further your experience in animation - the Animation Forum has some helpful advice, no matter the software you use. Best wishes!

Nicnak044 responds:

Thank you ^_^ Not much aha, I've come across this website a couple of times, but was just recently redirected here after uploading my animation on youtube :P Thought I'd see what this community thinks of my work (:
Thanks so much for the help, I appreciate it ^_^


2012-06-14 08:24:02

:O nyau